Wednesday, 5 March 2008

What's it all about?

Collage Mural Project is about getting together in a creative and free space to think about issues of change, and get to know each other on a level where we can better support and nurture the parts of ourselves that don't always get enough time or attention in day to day business. It's not about being the best, but working towards a better you for a better whole. This is a project about working as a group, realising that every person's participation will shape the outcome, and seeing the potential and strength of a group focus.

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Tiffany said...

Hi Claire...I never met you, but we stayed at Dani's while passing through London in 2007. I was impressed with the genuine and creative feeling from that very brief stop, your friends were all so kind. Your art, in fact, has me thinking. In particular, I have been wanting to create a community art project here in Hawaii especially for the youth--very similar ideals to those of your project. I wonder if you could offer some advice for a successful event? ^^ ~ Aloha, Tiffany (