Thursday, 21 February 2008

Climate 4 Change Exhibition

Heya....Some photos from our exhibit at the Climate 4 Change Exhibition. Tonight was the preview but it'll be open every Tues and Thurs evenings from now on and is open to ongoing submissions so we may pop back and change ours as we have new ideas.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Collage Mural Project, WHY NOT

Hey Guys

Welcome to blog number 2. We have had 3 weeks of collage so far, each event individual and leading to further interesting developments. The wall is growing in an energetic and vibrant dance of text, image and colour. As we go we are photographing and scanning the collages, and printing this imagery out to re-collage it back into the wall. The documented process (ie. photos of us) is also becoming very much part of the aesthetic. We have had a lot of fun, some excellent snacks and some very cool conversation. If anyone has any ideas on how to make the project grow please let us know.....


Collage Mural Project, Event no.2

Collage Mural Project, Event no.1

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Collage Mural Project

Hey guys.....

Welcome to the Blogspot for the Collage Mural Project. Last week we had our first get together, a chilled out affair that sparked some interesting conversation and creative collaging.

The idea for the project is group mural collage, getting people together to collage and re-collage what others have done, weaving a wall of ideas, images, and hopefully a reflection of everyone as an individual, but as part of a group aesthetic.

The ideas centre around climate change and how this is our major wake up call. Using this as a starting point, we're talking about the changes that are going to need to occur on all levels....from renewable energy and re-cycling to changes in our consumerist society, to changes in our thinking about ourselves in relation to nature, and begin a search for a better and more integrated way of living, one which is more reflective of our immense human potential. So the idea is to use the collage as a platform to start talking and interacting as a group.

We have started in our home using a wall in our lounge and see how it grows, probably moving onto panels which could be moved around. We would love to be part of the free-submission exhibition: Climate of Change, being held in Finchley Rd this month.

We like the idea of kick-starting these collaging sessions with some kind of stimulus, filmic or music related. Last week we watched 'The Story of Stuff' check it out on - def well worth the watch.

Watch this space to see how our collage grows........

Ciao! xx