Monday, 12 November 2012

Collage Mural Project @ The Green Expo 2012

Collage Mural Project
@ The Green Expo
23 - 25 Nov 2012
as part of the
(Eco)versations Art Exhibition

We are building a 'house' at this years Green Expo. Its an installation which people can enter and create collages using magazines and other 2D imagery and text.

Cut, Create and Stick – it’s an easy way to make an image and join the (Eco)versation.

The structure (4 sided cardboard cube 3m x 3m with a door on one side) is based on the idea of a house – the house that we are creating together as our collective future.

Inside our house is where the collaging happens and on the outside walls 8 artists will be painting live for the 24hrs of the Expo. These murals will use the collages as source material. The murals are therefore reflective of what is taking place on the inside and inspired by all who create collages.

The walls of our house are made from recycled Xanita Board and our paint is ProNature eco-friendly wall paint. Thanks to our sponsors!

Much appreciation to our sponsors:
The Green Expo
National Geographic Channel
The Shoprite Checkers Strokes of Genius Project
ProNature Paint