Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Collage Mural Project.......

Hi, welcome to the Blogspot for the Collage Mural Project!

This project is about being part of a group. Coming together and sharing ideas. Seeing the potential of group work where everyone has a voice and the artwork becomes a pinboard for our communal mind.

We are talking about climate change and the Collage Mural Project is an expression of the thinking of the moment. The medium of collage allows for ideas to be conveyed in a very spontaneous way. Its a weave of different perceptions, giving a visual form to our criss-crossing collective thought.

Climate change is a massive issue. It's something which has the potential to affect every person on the planet and strongly brings home the message of personal responsibility. Climate change is the symptom of the current thought structures that need to change. I believe that one of the biggest changes that needs to happen is a change in our perception of ourselves in relation to everything else, planet and people. We are part of a totally interconnected whole, a living organism and in order for that organism to move forward each indvidual has to work towards being the best that they can be in order to contribute to the whole in the best way they can. Climate change is pushing us towards new ways of developing solutions which are not only better for the planet but are better for us. I hope that through this wake up call we will be inspired to jump off this crazy hamster wheel and live lives more aligned with our vast potential.

I invite you all to partcipate in this project in which ever way you would like. It's a living, breathing, growing, changing art work and everyone is free to expand it in any direction. The core is the collage wall which provides the focus and brainstorming of ideas and impressions. Collage is a fantastic medium, quick, spontaneous, fun, but is also very telling in that it allows for a subconcious flow of energy to come through. It is also a great way to make art out of old magazines and found bits and pieces. I believe that art (in any form) has the ability to reflect, teach, inspire and assist in our process of evolving beacause it connects us with something that is beyond the everyday and allows us glimpses into each others unspoken worlds.

The collage's first exhibition event will be held on Friday the 6 of June 2008 at 491 Gallery in East London. The idea for the event is to expand the collage mural project, firstly, by exhibiting and working on the collage in a gallery space and secondly, by inviting people to make their own contributions in any form which is linked either visually or conceptually with the project. The collage wall acts then as the source material. These contributions could be in the form of art works, music, performance, writings, film, poetry, dance or even in the involvement in the set up of the evening. The invitation is also extended to all those not in London who may want to contribute via email, collages can be scanned, emailed and added to the wall.

So 2 months to keep collaging and work on other pieces......any questions or ideas let me know! Check out the website for 491 Gallery at

Have delicious days!

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